Migraine Treatments in Santa Fe

There are many types and causes of headaches. Regardless of the cause, if you have a headache, you want migraine treatments in Santa Fe, fast!

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Headache sufferers create and their need for quick relief have produced a huge market for medications that merely hide the symptoms of headaches. Powerful drugs numb your nervous system so the pain doesn’t signal your brain as such. While these approaches may be fast and convenient, they can cause adverse effects and kidney or liver damage. Worse, they don’t correct the underlying cause of the headache.

Why do you have continued headaches over years and decades?

The most common cause of headaches can be from spinal bones in the neck that aren’t moving properly. These misalignments are caused from common daily conditions from poor posture during sleep, walking, sitting, etc. The continued overcompensation of opposing skeletal and muscle groups over time can affect nerves, muscles, and ultimately the even blood supply to your head.

Headaches are usually triggered by functional distortions in the spine resulting from vertebral subluxations These subluxations are the causes of joint instability and nerve irritation. The body responds by tightening muscles in the neck, “splinting” the joint to protect it from further damage. Migraine treatments in Santa Fe can help. Massage, medication, exercise, physical therapy and acupuncture treat the muscle but don’t address the underlying cause of the problem.

Can a chiropractor help me with migraines?

There are many reasons one may experience Migraines. Sometimes, these types of headaches are caused from misalignment of the next and spine, causing pressure on nerves and blood vessels. Chiropractic care can alleviate this type of pressure, and provide relief for migraine headaches.

Dr. Short has a high success rate performing migraine treatments in Santa Fe.

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