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Pain is serious. And relieving it is big business. Those who suffer from pain spend billions seeking its relief. In fact, pain is often what prompts people to visit our practice. There are some essential reasons why we’re equipped to sense pain. Naturally, if you’re experiencing pain, you want it to go away. And while you can expect our compassion, we’re interested in correcting the underlying cause of your pain.

A Limit Has Been Reached

Pain is a way our body tells us we’ve reached a boundary. For example, when our finger exceeds the limits of normal joint function, we experience pain. This warning protects us so we can avoid serious injury. It’s a good thing. And while a life without pain may sound good, it’s essential for our health and well-being.

Providing a Warning

Pain is a signal our body uses to alert us that something needs our attention. Physical, social, and psychological pain are warnings that something must change. Pain is a way the wisdom of your body communicates with its owner: you. Headaches. Spasms. Tingling. Aches and pains alert you that something is amiss and needs correction. First, your body will gently whisper to warn you. Unheeded, it speaks with greater urgency. If ignored, it may escalate into full-fledged shouting!

Fooling Your Body

Pain prompts many to take a pill to reduce it or suppress it. But numbing your body with a pain reliever doesn’t make the problem go away. It’s still there. The drug fools your body, so you can’t feel the warning. The dosage must be increased with time to quiet your body’s outcry. Besides possible addiction, it can lead to far more severe problems. As your body tries to eliminate the medicine it sees as a foreign substance, kidney, and liver damage may result. Even stomach bleeding. Using a drug to fool your body’s warning system may be convenient but dangerous.

The moving bones of the spine are usually involved with neck and back pain. A thorough examination can help determine if the pain is due to vertebral subluxations.

We aim to address the underlying spinal problem with gentle and natural chiropractic care. As spinal joints move better and nervous system function improves, your body’s self-healing capacity is revived, and symptoms naturally subside.

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