Posture Correction: Are You Developing “Text Neck?”

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The modern age brings a variety of new health conditions that stem from constant interactions with technology. ‘Text neck’, like many modern afflictions, is a modern condition that refers to the repeated stress, pain and injury around the neck area as a result of excessive or prolonged use of handheld devices. This condition is also often referred to as the turtle neck posture, and it’s been a cause for increased concern, particularly with children, who often use mobile devices more than adults. Chiropractic care, neck pain treatment in particular, is one of the most effective therapies for combating the effects of this repeated stress injury to the neck.

Text neck is a growing health and lifestyle concern given the constant increase in mobile device users. Looking down at a handheld device flexes the head and neck forward, directly affecting the spine. By tilting your head forward to a 15-degree angle, you place at least 27 pounds of weight and force on your delicate neck — more if you increase the tilting angle. Such a posture can be extremely damaging to the neck and spine. Left untreated, you could develop conditions similar to repetitive stress or strain injury and occupational overuse syndrome to the neck. Aside from neck pain, text neck can likewise cause upper back pain, shoulder pain, thoracic kyphosis, and persistent headaches.

Consult with a Santa Fe chiropractor when experiencing pain associated with this harmful posture. Constant neck pain, soreness, and stiffness are common presentations of the condition, but other symptoms may likewise be observed, like radiating pain from the neck down to the shoulders and the arms, muscular weakness in the shoulder muscles (including the rhomboids and trapezius), weakness in the external rotators of the shoulders, and sub-occipital muscle tightness, which often lead to tension headaches.

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