How Chiropractic Care Reduces Stress and Makes You Healthier

Chiropractic Care in Santa Fe

Can chiropractic care really help reduce stress while making you healthier overall? The short answer is yes. Whether you’re seeking a chiropractor for back pain relief or simply want to come in for regular adjustments, this method of drug-free, all-natural treatment can improve your overall long-term health.

Understanding stress

So how exactly can chiropractic care lower your stress levels? The science lies in how the human body responds to pain.

Ongoing physical tension can arise from personal injuries, accidents, or simple misalignments caused by a sedentary lifestyle. In this day and age, tension is often caused by three things: work, money, and family—or a combination of all these and other factors. Excessive worry causes tension build up in the spine. Over time, this tension causes the body to overcompensate, sending stress signals throughout your endocrine and neural pathways to your cardiovascular, digestive and immune systems causing you to get sick.

Why chiropractic care?

Studies show that chiropractic care can significantly reduce stress. For example, a recent study monitored 12 male and female subjects suffering from neck pain to see how they do after receiving adjustments. Their PET scans showed changed activities in areas of the brain that process stress and pain. Their cortisol levels dropped significantly, indicating reduced stress. All participants in the study also reported less pain and a better overall quality of life after chiropractic treatment.

How is this possible?

The philosophy of chiropractic care is centered around the body’s innate ability to heal itself. When you visit a chiropractor for back pain relief, the chiropractor will perform adjustments to correct the vertebral subluxations, creating an environment that allows the body to begin the process of healing. Proper spine alignment is the goal—there should be no compression or irritation to the spinal nerves and joints. Chiropractic care aligns the spine to release tension, relaxing the body and reducing the physical stress that is contained in it. When your spine is properly aligned, your central nervous system can work effectively. Messages between your brain and other parts of the body are received and sent with precision.

Chiropractic care doesn’t just relieve pain in specific areas of the body, it also addresses your overall wellbeing. This natural, drug-free approach can make you healthier and reduce your stress levels. Book a consultation with Dr. Brian Short, DC to begin your journey to a happier, healthier life. Call us at (505) 660-2080 to schedule an appointment.

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