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Activator Methods International Ltd - Advanced Proficiency Rated DoctorThe Activator Works When It's Used Correctly

The Activator Technique uses specific protocols to detect spinal and extremity joint dysfunction that focus on analyzing leg-length inequality and testing neurological reflexes to determine where, when and when not to perform an adjustment. In addition, the Activator Method uses only one thrust per area of contact to initiate the process of restoring spinal and extremity balance in the patient.

If your Activator Methods experience did not include leg-length testing, or if it involved repeated or multiple thrusts with the Activator on each area, you did not have a true experience and would not really know whether or not this method is right for you.

If you haven't already, you owe it to yourself to try the world's #1 instrument adjusting technique with a doctor who knows how to use it. Owning a hammer doesn't make one a carpenter, right? Neither does owning an Activator mean your chiropractor knows how to use it effectively.

The Activator provides a controlled, fast thrust that is comfortable for the patient. Adjustments with the device are so quick and measured that the body's muscles are less likely to resist, allowing for a more gentle and effective adjustment.

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